Tim Drake.
Red Robin, former Robin.
High School student.
Adoptive son of Bruce Wayne.

Just staying with the basics.

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Red Robin

The Brave and The Bold: Gotham Asunder


Dinah, if any regular passerby, would have been shocked by the black cowled, red tunic wearing young man, landing in front of them, but Lance was not your regular passerby.

“Why, thank-you kindly Mister Red Robin,” Dinah did her best southern belle, winking across at Tim.

The former Robin was just slightly taller than her, and would never be as tall as Bruce’s over six feet or even Dick’s six even; nor did he carry the heavy build of the Batman, but his presence was more like being around Bruce than any other member of the Bat-family, including Damian.

Tim’s mannerisms and intuitive mind were easily becoming on par with Bruce’s and Dinah wouldn’t be surprised if they’d by-passed even Dick’s. Red Robin was gaining a reputation almost as great as his “Big Brother”, but Dinah honestly knew that Tim might want a normal life one day.

Dinah had been around the superhero community long enough to know when each hero she encountered would think about retiring…or never, in the case of a certain amount of them.

“Yes it’s fun-time for the big-house escapees,” Lance added sarcastically, resting her hand on Tim’s shoulder. “The Big Bat himself is up on the rafters and Roy, Cass and Jason are out there somewhere chasing both Joker and Bane…I can’t get in contact with any of them, have you had any luck?”

There was no fighting the smirk that came in response to Dinah’s bit of humor. She always seemed to offer a bit of a lighter atmosphere when it was needed — both when they knew it and they didn’t. Yet in turn, she offered quite the source of motivation when necessary as well. He was sure that it hadn’t just come from the experience she had. It was a part of her character. That, in itself, was admirable. As it was in the way that she put up with the characters in the JLA, Green Arrow in particular. But he knew that, in itself, was quite another story.

“Good to have you in Gotham.” But he knew that she had likely returned to check in on Barbara. Their friendship would probably be something she quite appreciated right about now. Not to mention she was surely wanting to help with the coming preparations. It would be nice when things lulled a bit so that there could be focus on the coming festivities. There would be a lull… Or maybe, he’d just be hoping for one for them. Things had been quite active. Seeing the toll it took on his brother and on Barbara was becoming more difficult by the day.

If only he’d known what was currently transpiring back at the manor.

Then again, he hadn’t known a thing of what was going on with his family, so it seemed. It wasn’t that he had expected that Cass would do any less than jump to action when it was needed, and he supposed the same could be said for Roy — he honestly didn’t know him well enough, but he was a hero like the rest of them — but Jason? The last he’d heard was that he’d run off. Jason was someone he found hard to predict enough of the time. It wasn’t as if they were close. To him, he knew he was just “The Replacement” and that was all. Someone he had wanted out of the picture for what seemed like a little more than half the time. He just tried to stay out of his way, unless he was doing something that needed an intervention. Even then, it often seemed like things were better left to Dick and Bruce. They were the ones who had proper ties with him, after all.

While he was confident in their skills as heroes, for them to be tracking down both Bane and Joker, especially while there was going to be plenty of opposition from their “troops”? Those numbers weren’t favorable. So to hear that they hadn’t made contact with anyone just made things seem a little more bleak, and a lot more complicated.

“Haven’t heard a thing.” He murmured, eyes narrowing in thought. Jason wasn’t one for much communication, and he supposed Cass wasn’t either at times, but she still kept them all well informed in moments like this, if only to let them know that she was alright and still fighting. Maybe he was overanalyzing, but something suddenly didn’t feel so right. “Do we have any idea of their last known location?”