Tim Drake.
Red Robin, former Robin.
High School student.
Adoptive son of Bruce Wayne.

Just staying with the basics.

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Red Robin

The Brave and The Bold: Gotham Asunder


Dinah pulled back and tapped a couple of buttons on her wrist com, “I’ve uploaded their data via the Bat-Computer…God that sounded techy, I think the collective cyber-geekness Babs and Ollie are finally rubbing off on me.” She smirked and the holographic screen sprung to life.

“I can’t see…wait. That’s Cass’ signal all right…and that’s Jason’s, I think…and Roy’s,” Lance tapped a couple more buttons on her wrist, “It’s coming from the Batcave so that’s good. At least they’re safe there. Babs could use some support.”

Dinah flicked off her device and smiled slightly up at Tim, “I’m going to stick to the streets, but you can go back to the cave if you feel you have to. Dick isn’t well; and Babs and Damian are stressing something awful,” she explained.

“But I could use a hand out here knocking heads with Bats,” Dinah nudged Tim’s chin with her fist. ‘Plus, you could tell Auntie Dinah all about these boy troubles, your Daddy Bats mentioned you were having, while we kick butt.”

Leaning forward playfully, Dinah grinned, “It’s my favorite Super-kid, isn’t it?”

As she tapped into the signal, there was definitely relief that came with hearing the results. The Cave was the safest place that they could be — but he wondered why. What had taken them back? Were they alright? The fight was nowhere near over, and they weren’t ones to give up the fight. It made him a bit nervous, but he didn’t really have the luxury to allow himself to be. They still had their work cut out for them, even if things were under control at that point in time. Yet and still, it didn’t help when worry resurfaced upon hearing the mention of Barbara and Dick. She needed the support? Why? Other than the previous instances. He knew she still needed some support, but she was doing well. So was Dick. And Damian..? He was even worrying?

Was there something he didn’t know about?

Throat suddenly dry, he maintained a calm demeanor on the outside despite the way his mind had started to run. He was quickly coming to the easy conclusion that there were too many things he didn’t know about. There was trouble, probably in more ways than one. That was the track record that their family seemed to keep to pretty consistently. He wanted nothing more than to claim a moment of selfishness and take her up on the opportunity she had laid out for him. He wanted to run back, find out what was going on, find a way to help.. but who was to say he could? They had Alfred, Barbara, Damian (and despite his distaste for the brat, he knew he would put Dick first), and there was the possibility of Jason, Cass, and Roy, too. That was a small cavalry.

But here… Here he knew he could be helpful, and be needed in a way that would be fruitful. The blood that had been put on his hands as of recently was still blindingly clear in his mind, on top of it all. This situation was even more dangerous than the last that had been put on pause. If there was someone he heard of getting hurt later, he would hold himself responsible for that spilled blood too. He wasn’t taking any more risks. The others would understand.. wouldn’t they?

As his chin was nudged, he stirred from his thoughts and looked to her without any kind of expression. But she was good at changing that. Eyes became a fraction more alert to look at her dumbly. How had that been brought to the topic of conversation? But he was almost grateful for the distraction from the heavy guilt that burned in his mind, and his gut just the same.

It wasn’t fair that women were perceptive like this.
Or Bruce.

"…It sounds like there’s a group of thugs the next street over." He replied lamely, swallowing thickly. Just focus on the fight. Thinking of his own personal life — that was already unforgivably selfish — now of all times was not an option. Not right now. Not until things settled down. ..All of the things that they had to worry about.

Grappling to the roof across from them, he raised himself to the cool cement only long enough to cross it and drop down again. There was at least a couple dozen men that could be spotted up and down the street. He wasted no time in jabbing the closest man in the back with the staff he’d withdrawn from his belt once more, finding a pressure point to send him crumbling before he moved onto the next.