Tim Drake.
Red Robin, former Robin.
High School student.
Adoptive son of Bruce Wayne.

Just staying with the basics.

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Red Robin


Two regular goons were so not on Kon’s level. Superboy bared his teeth in a wide, challenge of white teeth. Before the first guy pasted himself against the floor, the meta had tackled the man on the left. Yeah, TTK would be way easier, but using his fists was a helluva lot more satisfying then knocking these guys out quietly.

It was kinda a letdown that the thugs hadn’t lasted longer. Kon was itching to get out some of this… aggression. And it might’ve shown tonight. Broken jaws and all… Kon’d worry about feeling guilty later. When Big Blue was lecturing him on control.

Shooting after his bird boy, Kon landed solidly on the rooftop, folding his arms, a definite petulant set to his lips. Red seemed kinda wrapped up in looking over Lynx’s wounds and all, and Kon was not (emphasize on the not, please) starting to feel the green eyed monster rear its ugly head. That’d letting personal mix with professional and that tended to get messy, because Kon would definitely start acting irrationally and-

“S’why you playing kitty sitter?” 

…and he’d end up saying something really really lame.


Kon didn’t lose his scowl, and he felt disinclined to do anything besides glare at Lynx’s prone form, like she had done some great personal wrong to him. Which, if you thought hard about it, Kon could justify she had.

“Not that I care or anything,” Kon added stiffly, definitely caring.

In all the days that had passed since things had started — all the news reports, the attention, the trouble — she hadn’t been at fault, but at the center. She had been the victim. The idea made him seethe at himself further. At this point, he not only had the blood of that innocent person on his hands, but her suffering, her fear… that was on his head too. He knew better. He really did.

Inspecting the wound on her side, trying not to lift too much of her shirt, it was an angry red. It wasn’t only from irritation from exertion. Not to mention how some of the stitches had seemed to tear at the skin — likely from how she’d been thrown around. It certainly hadn’t aided in the healing process. There was going to be the worry of infection on top of it all.

Then there was the question of how much blood she had lost. Those were factors to play all with the strain on her body from how she had been trying to survive over the last few days. Running, hiding, likely with no rest.. It was a tremendous strain. She needed to be treated quickly — but transporting her wouldn’t be easy. Then again, now that Kon had arrived it would be a lot easier. But taking her back to the Manor wasn’t an option. The hospitals wouldn’t do them good either. They still had to worry about the pursuit of any other goons, too.

That brought about a new line of thought. Who was after her, and why? He knew he would have to ask once she woke up, and he only hoped that she knew the answer.

Lowering the edge of her shirt again, he glanced to the meta who came to join them on the rooftop, standing there with obvious displeasure. As that displeasure also came to be voiced beyond the mere physical display of such, Tim quirked a brow behind his cowl.

"I’m sure you’ve seen all the news reports, or at least heard about them. Lynx has been at the center of quite a bit of activity around Gotham. I had thought she was responsible — I wasn’t the only one — and so I was coming to make her stop and hopefully ask some questions. As you can tell, she’s the victim in stead. I’m sure you can also tell that she’s pretty badly injured. So, I’m not just going to leave her here. I still plan on getting some answers from her about whatever is going on, but only after she’s been taken care of after I get her somewhere safe."

The addition that he’d made to his first statement just made him all the more curious and confused. What was with him today? The clear irritation, the flat out aggression and lack of concern for control.. It would have been an understatement to call it peculiar.

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